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2 months ago



For the second year in a row, our fundraiser under the name of TNAID will be broadcasting various things to raise money towards the cause of FIGHTING BACK!

Fighting Back is a unique event made possible by the support of local wrestlers, promoters, volunteers, and fans. It’s about all of us coming together to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, and celebrate the memory of a friend.

On April 1st, 2011, many people involved with the local independent wrestling scene were struck hard when Francois “Phrank” Morin died after a brief but intense battle with cancer. A close and loved friend to some, a colleague to others, and always smiling face to everyone else – Phrank was an important part of many peoples lives. On April 1st, when he passed away, plans approved by Phrank himself, were already in motion for a fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society to take place in the summer. Following his death, the event was decided to take place and raise funds in Phrank’s name. Like our inaugural event, our hope is to raise as much money as possible for the Canadian Cancer Society, and join them in the mission to one day eradicate cancer from this earth.

If you’d like to support, you can donate over at: 

DAY ONE of this event begins TONIGHT! Here is the schedule:


9pm-??? (EDT): INDIE FIGHT CLUB! (On Fire Pro Wrestling Returns!)

After It’s Raining Meng: HOKEYPOKEY TOURNAMENT! (On WWF No Mercy!)

DAY TWO of this event begins FRIDAY!

Every year, a wrestling event is held in the name of FIGHTING BACK! This year, it will take place on AUGUST 15TH at 8PM in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. More information at http://c4wrestling.com/community/index.php?topic=1364.0

If you can’t make it out to that event, you can also visit http://twitch.tv/newlegacyinc, where a 24 HOUR GAMING MARATHON will be taking place to raise money for the cause! Wrestling video games, non-wrestling video games, and who knows what else!

If you can’t support in that way, then spreading the word out would be helpful as well!

To find more information about FIGHTING BACK, visit:

2 months ago

Everyone check out this Rocky Romero myself and my friend Joe made in WWE 2k14 on the Xbox 360, comes with one NRC attire, three Forever Hooligans attires, including a Black Tiger entrance mask.

3 months ago
3 months ago
Anonymous asked : Rene dupre


3 months ago
whosegameisitz asked : Do you know of any good WWF No Mercy ROM mods? Roster or Arena Changes would be a fun twist to the game.

http://s4.zetaboards.com/Old_Skool_Reunion/index/ is the main place I’ve been using for that stuff since NoMercyZone went away.

3 months ago
Anonymous asked : cleaning out my room recently i found Smackdown 2 know your role, Ecw hardcore Revolution and WWF Attitude. I can't really remember them too well, were any of these any good?

I haven’t played SmackDown 2 in ages, but I think going through the season mode again would probably be pretty fun. Hardcore Revolution takes a little getting used too, same with Attitude in a way (I believe they’re on the same engine). If I was going to play one of them, it’d be SD2.